UK Car Park Management Services

UK Parking Enforcement‘s offers professional car park management and parking enforcement services across the UK.
UK Car Park Management Services
Our effective car park management solution has helped landowners, businesses and organisations throughout the UK with all aspects of parking problems on private land. With our car park management services you can take back control and stop unauthorised parking problems on private property.

Private Land Car Park Management

We offer a complete parking solution for your retail parking facility, private land, business, organisation or residential car park management, our car park management solution services ensures your site is well managed and stops unwanted or unauthorised vehicles on your property.
Car Park Management - Stop Parking Problems on Private Land

Car Park Management – Stop Parking Problems on Private Land

Protecting your private parking spaces can be default if you do not have an effective car park management system installed. The Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 makes it an offence to clamp on private land.

The law does not affect Northern Ireland, and clamping and towing away on private land has been banned in Scotland since 1992. When your car can be clamped or towed away?

Alternative solution to wheel clamping

Alternative solution to wheel clamping

So where does this means for the landowners, businesses, organisations and those with private parking facility (space)?

UK Parking enforcement provides an alternative solution to clamping, our parking solution can deter parking abuse, unauthorised parking and enables you to take back control of your private property.

If your parking areas is not protected it can or will be vulnerable to all sorts of parking abuse, e.g unauthorised parking, no parking zone, disabled parking, not parking wholly within the lines, maximum parking allowed, pay and display, residential parking area and more.

If you require a cost-effective and professional car park management solution for you parking facility then UK Parking Enforcement is the solution for you, we can tailor our parking solutions to your requirements.

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