• Parking problems on private land?

  • People keep parking on your parking spaces?

  • Parking abuse on your car park facility?

Stop unauthorised parking problems on private land

UK Parking Enforcement provides reliable and cost effective professional car park management and private parking enforcement services throughout the UK.

We offer ethical private parking enforcement solutions to landowners, tenants, residential properties, commercial properties, retail, organisations and businesses in the UK to deter illegal parking issues and stop unauthorised parking problems on private land.

Stop Unauthorised Parking on Private Land - uk parking enforcement parking problems

How to stop people parking on private car parks?

We offer a simple, ethical and non-confrontational private parking enforcement solution for unauthorised parking problems. UK Parking Enforcement’s parking solution allows you to issue parking charge notice’s to vehicles parked on your private property and are in violation of your parking regulations. Our parking enforcement system can be operated on any off-street parking area.

When using UK Parking Enforcement reliable car park management and parking enforcement services, you will create a legally enforceable parking area on your private car parks or property.

For example; your private parking spaces, private land, private/access roads, private car parks and more. Whether it’s a commercial property, residential, retail or leisure, organisations, we can tailor an effective solution to solve your parking problems.

Stop unauthorised parking on private land

Private land parking enforcement

UK Parking Enforcement professional car park management solution is the best parking solution to parking problems on private lands and roads in the United Kingdom. We can help you stop unauthorised parking on your property or private car parking areas in a non-confrontational way.

Everyday landlords, tenants, businesses and organisations in the UK face parking abuse from motorists on their private car parking facilities or property. UK Parking Enforcement offers an alternative solution to wheel clamping that helps private landowners and businesses to legally issue parking charge notice’s (PCN) to offending vehicles.

If you’re having parking problems or require a cost effective parking solution on your private land or car parks, UKPE can offer you a simple and easy solution to stop unauthorised parking problems on your private property.

Stop Unauthorised Parking on Private Land

Where can I use your services?

Our car park management services can be used on any off-street parking, all private lands, private parking areas, private roads, private car park facility, residential car parks, commercial, retail & leisure, shopping centres, colleges, universities, health centres, doctor’s surgeries and more.

Will it solve my parking problem?

Our parking warning signs themselves act as an excellent parking problem deterrent, if any vehicle continues to park and break your parking conditions, you can legally issue a parking charge notice (PCN) and we will pursue enforcement and payments at no costs to you, this will deter any persistent offenders and will stop unauthorised parking problems.

No matter what your requirements are, we can accommodate

  1. My neighbours keep parking on my space I’ve put letters through there doors and on their cars but they still park there police don’t do anything,its on my deeds as my space but
    Tradespeople can also park on it.

    Getting very fed up

  2. Our parking spaces are facing problems from people keep parking on them without permission, we’ve tried leaving polite notes for them but they’re still parking on our private parking spaces!

    We’ve called the council but they can’t do anything! So annoyed with unauthorised cars and need to solve our parking issued as soon as possible.

  3. Excellent, this is what I’ve been looking for for a while!
    We’ve been having parking problems from unauthorised users on our private car parking spaces for a long time and we didn’t know what to do, even had to call the Police almost every day but we were keep getting told that they couldn’t do anything because it was a civil matter and therefore Police couldn’t help!

    Now I know how to stop them and protect our private parking facilities from abuse and keep unauthorised cars off my our property.

    Thanks for this.

  4. We currently have parking problems on our private parking spaces, people are keep parking on our private car parks and we have to keep telling them not to park on our spaces.

    Our parking problems is becoming a huge issue for us, not sure what we can do and how we could stop people keep parking on our private property!!!

    At the moment we have to keep put up whatever we can find in order to keep people parking on the spaces.

    Many thanks

  5. How it works is that they have trespass in our property and yet we are not allowed to have it clamped/towed. It’s no different to when you hurt someone who broke in to your house. What a twisted law. No protection for the law abiding people but giving full consent to do the wrong thing is given to the offenders.

  6. Solved our parking problems on our car parks within a week, was having all sorts of parking issues. This system stopped the drivers parking without permission. Thanks

  7. Need help with vans parking in front of resident parking spaces from a whearhouse opposite the land

  8. Hi I am interest in finding out more about the cost

  9. I have neighbours who keep parking on my part of a residential car park. This area is owned by me. Can you help please?

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