Stop parking problems on your private parking areas and private land

How to stop people parking on private land

UK Parking Enforcement has the total car park management and private parking enforcement solutions for all of your parking problems.

We help landowners,landlords, tenants, businesses and organisations across the UK deter parking problems and parking abuse on their private car parks and private property. Our reliable private parking enforcement solutions can solve parking problems and stop unauthorised parking on your private property.

How to stop illegal parking on private lands

Landlord, landowners, tenants, managing agent, business and organisation can now protect their private land or parking spaces with our professional car park management and parking enforcement solutions. We have the best effective, reliable and proven parking solutions to prevent and solve your parking problems.


How does it work?

Once you sing up with us, we will provide you with the necessary legally worded parking warning signs to be installed clearly in and around the areas you which to protect from unwanted motorists! By installing our parking signs, you will legally create an enforceable parking zone.

Once our signs are installed, you can easily start reporting unauthorised drivers that are parked on your private property or private car parks without your permission. You can use our services on any off street parking areas, private/access roads, residential car parks, commercial property, private lands, property managements, offices, restaurants, doctor’s clinics, schools, colleges and universities and more!

What do I need to do?

Simply get in touch with us today to sign-up for our services and once you have fully registered, we will provide you with the necessary parking signs, parking permits and our setup guide.

Will it solve my parking problems?

Our parking warning signs alone have acted as an excellent deterrent and stopped unauthorised parking, however if motorists choose to ignore the parking warning signs and continue parking on your private property or car parks, you can report the offending vehicle/s to us and we will issue a parking charge notice to the offending vehicle and compensate you with up to £20 per paid tickets! This will deter any further persistent unauthorised parking on your site.


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