How to stop illegal parking problems on private land

How to stop illegal parking problems on private land

UK Parking Enforcement offers a professional parking enforcement solution for private lands and private car parks in the United Kingdom. We provide landlords, tenants, retail parks, offices, businesses and organisations across the UK with a reliable car park management and private parking enforcement solutions to deter and stop unauthorised parking problems.

Our professional and easy to use parking enforcement solutions for private lands, allows you to legally issue parking charge notice’s to unauthorised or offending vehicles on your private property or car parking areas.

Private parking enforcement‎ - UK Parking Enforcement

Can I use your parking solutions on private car parks?

Absolutely yes, we can tailor our parking enforcement services to whatever your parking conditions may require, for example;

Parking Warden Officer

  • Permit Holders Only 
  • Staff / Visitors Parking Only 
  • Customers Whilst Visiting
  • Disable Badge Holders Only
  • Maximum / Minimum Allowed 
  • Pay & Display 
  • Private / Access Road
  • Residential Block Car Parks
  • Retal & Leisure
  • Health Care Car Parks 

Parking solution for private lands

In 2012 wheel-clamping on private lands became illegal under the Freedom of Protection Act 2012, it is now an offence to clamp or tow a vehicle on private land. UK Parking Enforcement provides an alternative solution to wheel clamping for private lands in the UK.

UKPE’s car park management and parking enforcement services offers landowners, businesses and organisations with a reliable, ethical and professional parking solution that ensures your parking areas are kept clear form unauthorised or illegal parkers on your property or private parking spaces and always have paring space available for your costumers, staff, visitors and tenants.

Parking solution for private lands

Private parking enforcement‎ – UK Parking Enforcement

People parking on my land & blocking access to my Business 

In the UK many private individuals or businesses suffer from unauthorised parking problems on their private property or private parking areas, this could be easily prevented by using an effective parking protection solution. UK Parking Enforcement provides a professional solution to parking problems.

If you’re suffering from parking abuse or are dealing with unwanted drivers parking on your drive or property without authorisation, we can offer you a non-confrontational solution to stop and report unauthorised parking and legally issue parking charge notice’s (PCN) to any unauthorised vehicle that is parked on your property without your permission.

With our parking enforcement solutions you can take back control of your private car parks or property and easily prevent parking problems or parking abuse issues on your car parking facilities.

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