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  • Private land parking problems
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  • Disable parking abuse
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UK Parking Enforcement can provide an effective parking solution that enables land owners, tenants, businesses and organisations to deter unauthorised parking problems and solve parking issues on any type of private land, car parks and off street parking. Our professional parking management services is an alternative and cost effective solution for landlords and businesses to protect themselves against unauthorised parking on their private land and car parking facilities.

Suffering from unauthorised parking problems on private land

If you’re suffering form unauthorised parking problems on your private land, parking areas or private property, we can help!

Are the Parking Ticket (charge) that are issued by a private parking company enforceable?


Just recently the UK Supreme Court (England) ruled that private parking companies can issue parking charges and those charges can be legally enforced.

History of the Case

On 23rd April 2015 the Court of Appeal handed down Judgment. In the Judgment the three Judges (Lord Justice Moore-Bick, Lord Justice Patten and Sir Timothy Lloyd) unanimously dismissed Mr Beavis’s challenge, making it clear that Parking Charge was “not extravagant or unconscionable” and that the charge “was neither improper in its purpose nor manifestly excessive in amount”.

On the 4th November 2015 the Supreme Court handed down Judgment. This further appeal lodged by the Defendant was heard over the course of three days during July 2015 and the majority decision reached by the Supreme Court, dismisses Mr Beavis’ appeal on both grounds.

In reaching this decision, Lord Neuberger, Lord Sumption, Lord Mance, Lord Clarke, Lord Carnwath and Lord Hodge (Lord Toulson dissenting) found that the Parking Charge levied was neither ‘unfair’, nor ‘penal’, and concluded that the parking management company thad a legitimate interest in charging overstaying motorists.

The Supreme Court also agreed with the analysis of the amount of the Charge previously proffered by both HHJ Moloney and the Court of Appeal, finding that the sum of £85 was neither ‘extravagant, nor unconscionable’, as well determining that the amount of the Parking Charge was reasonable. A full copy of the Supreme Court Judgment can be found here:

A full copy of the Court of Appeal Judgment can be found here:

If you require legal advise, please contact your local Citizen Advice Bureau. We are unable to provide legal advice.

What kind of parking problems do you have?

  • People keep parking on your private land without your permission.
  • Unauthorised parking on your private car parks.
  • People parking more than they’re allowed on your parking areas
  • Residential parking issues
  • Drivers abusing your car parks, i.e. drivers not parking wholly within the lines
  • Disable parking abuse, drivers parking on disabled bays without a valid badge

You might find these parking problems familiar and having have to deal with them can be costly to you or your business! Our parking management services can easily solve your parking problems effectively, ethically and in a non-confrontational way.

How can I stop someone parking in my car parking space?

Our professional parking management solutions can be tailored to your whatever your needs maybe, no matter what your requirements are, we can provide.