Solutions to unauthorised parking problems

If you’re suffering from unauthorised parking problems on your property or private car parks, UKPE can offer a reliable, effective and professional private parking enforcement solution for all aspects of unauthorised parking on private land.

We offer landowners, landlords, authorised tenants, businesses, organisations, retail parks and residential blocks with a cost effective car park management and parking enforcement solutions to stop unauthorised parking and solve parking abuse on their private property.

Our Car parking solutions helps you to legally control your private car parks and issuing parking charge notice’s to unauthorised vehicles on your private property or parking spaces.

Solutions to unauthorised parking problems

People parking on my land or private parking spaces, what should I do?

Under Protection of Freedom Act 2012, it is an offence to immobilise, move or restrict the movement of a motor vehicle in a way which would prevent a person (who is entitled to remove that vehicle) from removing the vehicle concerned.

Therefore if a vehicle has been left on private land, an offence may be committed if, for example, the owner of that land clamped or towed away that vehicle. To be guilty of the offence however, a person must undertake these actions with the ‘intention’ of preventing or inhibiting a person entitled to move the vehicle concerned from moving the vehicle.

Consequently, a person who moves an obstructively parked vehicle a short distance intending to regain access to his or her property would not be committing the offence in circumstances where he or she did not intend to prevent the driver of the vehicle from subsequently retrieving it.

The offence also does not apply where a person is acting with lawful authority when immobilising, moving or restricting the movement of a vehicle. Those who have lawful authority and in fact a duty to remove vehicles from roads or other land include the police, local authorities, traffic wardens, parking attendants and civil enforcement officers.

How to prevent unauthorised parking in private car park

Unlike some parking management companies we have never practiced in wheel-clamping, instead we have used ticketing system as an alternative solution to help landowners tackle illegal parking on their private property.

By installing our legally worded Parking Notice Signs on your property or private parking areas you will legally create an enforceable control zone on your site, if a motorist decide to ignore the parking signs and park on your area without permission you can legally issue a parking charge notice to the offending vehicle.

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