Retail and Leisure Parking Management & Enforcement

UK Parking Enforcement provides professional and cost effective parking solutions to manage and control all aspects of parking management and enforcement at any Retail or Leisure facility.

Key features of our bespoke parking services include:

  • Protection of disabled car parks (bays) – ensuring that your disabled parking spaces are used by valid blue badge holders only.
  • Patron Parking Only – enforcement through a maximum stay period meaning your spaces are freely available and can be used by genuine patrons and visitors to your retail or leisure development.
  • Staff parking – a permit scheme, vehicle registration white list or a specifically designated parking area can be introduced for tenant staff parking so that authorised vehicles are exempt from the parking restrictions enforced.
  • Non Designated parking areas – From service yards to private access roads, we can control and monitor unauthorised parking to keep these areas clear of vehicles preventing any potential health and safety issues leaving access for your customers, deliveries and contractors as easy and hassle free as possible.
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