Earn £11 by taking photos of illegally-parked cars

Self-Ticketing Parking Solution

With our ‘Self-Ticketing’ car park management solution you can earn £11.00 commission by simply taking photographs of illegally parked cars on your private land and car parks.

If you’re dealing with unwanted motorists parking on your private parking spaces and/or parking on your private land without your permission, then you can simply use our cost-effective do it yourself car park management system.

Earn £11 by taking photos of illegally-parked cars

Start taking back control of your private car park and put an end to unauthorised parking problems on private land with our simple and easy to use ‘self-ticketing’ car park management solution. If you see a car parked illegally on your site or is breaching your site’s parking terms, then take a photo and report the vehicle to us, we will then send Parking ticket by post to the vehicle’s owner and once the parking charge is paid we will award you with £11.00 commission. Our services is completely confidential and we will never inform the drivers who have reported them! Ts&Cs Apply

Unauthorised Parking Problems

If you need a reliable and cost-effective way to deter unauthorised parking problems and implement parking restriction(s) on your private car parks, then with our self-ticketing parking scheme you can do just that!

You can start taking back control of your private property and ensure your site’s runs smooth at all times. If you see a car breaching any of your parking restrictions then simply report them to us and we will issue a Parking Ticket (charge) by post to them and give you £11.00 in commission.

Car Park Management, UK - Earn £11 by taking photos of illegally-parked cars

This service can be implemented on any off-street parking, residential, commercial, retail, private land, housing associations, offices, business parks and more. The Protection of Freedoms Act makes it an offence to clamp on private land, it is also an offence to obstruct vehicle on private land i.e park another car in front of the unauthorised vehicle and/or immobilise the unauthorised vehicle on private land under the same Act!

Our goal is to help landowners, tenants, businesses and organisations throughout the UK to protect themselves against unauthorised parking problems and parking abuse from motorists.

  1. Hello I could really do with you help and professional guidance asap please, I live in a flat with comunal gardens and car park, all private propertie and has signs up with no parking private priorities and the name of the housing association chevin. For well over two years a young Asian taxi driver has been using it to park his taxi I’ve talked to a family who know who it is and to the driver, they threatened me,I told the housing association and they did nothing same with police, I suffer baldly with stress and this makes it worse as he slams the taxi doors and it makes a beeping noise at all hours in the morning then he gets in his other car to drive home. Now other people are now parking on the private car park’s. I don’t know what to do. It’s making me ill with my stress. Please can you help. ? Kind regards, Lucia Morciano.

  2. Hi, very interested in your scheme, how do I get going with the self ticketing solution? I live on an unadopted cul de sac road so only the residents should be using it, however there are many shops at the end of our road which attracts illegal parking. My number is 07836 347830

  3. good day –I have a private estate with 4 houses I live in one –I let out the others however I do find cars parked her who do not live here have no tenancy agreements -I have numerous times asked that only tenants registered cars enter this private road and area ….I could arrange self ticketing with dated photos

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