UK Parking Enforcement provides a complete car park management and private parking enforcement solutions in London and throughout the UK. Our mission simply is to provide professional, reliable and ethical parking enforcement solutions to landlords, tenants, businesses and organisations that will enable them to protect their private land and parking areas from unauthorised vehicles and parking abuse.


Below are some of our popular services;

  • Unauthorised parking problems?
  • People keep parking on your private parking spaces?
  • Private road parking issues?
  • Disable parking abuse?
  • Pay and Display?
CAR PARK MANAGEMENT LONDON - London car park management UK Parking Enforcement is a professional parking management company providing cost effective car park management and parking enforcement services throughout London, Central London and the UK. We work with landlords, managing agents, property developers, retail establishments, organisations and businesses in London and throughout the UK providing car park management and consultancy services.

We offer all aspects of parking control, parking enforcement and car park management solutions and we can tailor our parking solutions to meet your requirements.

Our professional parking enforcement solutions are tailored for hotels, offices, residential blocks, managing agents, shops, bars, restaurants, petrol stations, commercial, housing associations, local authorities,hospitals, doctor surgery, healthcare centres and more.

Our aim is to provide a reliable and professional services to your requirements, clients and business with our cost effective and ethical car park management and parking enforcement solution.  Weather you are looking for a simple parking solution to stop unauthorised parking on your private car parks or simply need an effective residential/commercial car park management scheme that works to multi-tenant retail property car park management solution, we can provide you with the bespoke car park management and parking enforcement service.


Residential blocks, businesses and organisations in central London are becoming more effected from illegal parking problems, with the high demands of parking and the price of parking rising in London everyday, drivers are now looking for a convenient or a space to park that doesn’t cost them anything!

In 2012 Wheel-Clamping became a criminal offence under protection of freedoms act and it is now illegal to clamp a car on private land. Read more about wheel-clamping from the citizens advice.

Wheel-Clamping no longer can be enforced and it is an offence to clamp a car on private land.

If you need a reliable and effective system that will put an end to your parking problems and ensures your car parks runs smoothly, then
get in touch with us today.


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